Federal Communications Commission

Evaluate dissemination of data on AAPI communities

Evaluate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data on AAPI communites in order to assess agency improvements in targeted outreach.


Collect data on current AAPIs enrolled in FCC programs. Of collected data, disaggregate into communities to see what services AAPI communities are using most and how to increase that reach to AAPI communities across the country.


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Department of State

Increase representation and number of AAPI applicants for positions

Increase representation and number of AAPI applicants for entry-level through managerial-level civil service and foreign service positions in the Department.

Research comparative data on Department intake and advancement (+national labor statistics), and test trajectory over the past ten years.

Build mentorship, culture of support, and outreach efforts (Diplomats-in-Residence, Job Fairs, etc.) to highlight career opportunities... more »


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Department of Homeland Security

Develop a targeted recruitment strategy to promote public service

Develop a targeted recruitment strategy to promote public service, eliminate barriers to employment, and ensure outreach to diverse communities, including the AAPI community by developing targeted strategies to increase outreach to AAPI/NHPIs, particularly for executive positions and mission critical occupations.


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Environmental Protection Agency

Continue building awareness of work impacting AAPI nail salon workers

Continue education, sharing information, to build awareness and work towards reducing the hazardous impacts to AAPI nail salon owners, workers, and customers of chemical exposure to nail salon products.

Activity 1) Maintain multi-stakeholder Nail Salon Project partnership in order to improve outreach efforts and overcome cultural and language barriers.

Activity 2) Manage a FY 2013 EJ Small Grant to Asian Health Services... more »


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