Department of Veterans Affairs

Improve data that is available on AAPI Veterans groups

Work within VA and across other federal agencies to improve the data that is available on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Veterans groups and to facilitate public access to the data by:


Activity 1) Utilize and disseminate information available from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide estimates of AAPI Veteran groups. This information will be utilized, as it becomes available, to report more granular estimates of AAPI Veteran populations. Improve the availability of AAPI data on Veteran populations through online mechanisms such as VA's public website for Veteran data (


Activity 2) Support the development of standards and methods for reporting more detailed information on minority groups, including AAPI populations, in keeping with OMB Directive 15.

• VA's ODI Office of Policy and Planning will work within VA and across other Federal agencies to identify robust methods for estimating AAPI subpopulations, and will examine ways that these methods may be incorporated into VA's data reporting and analysis.



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